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Insight 1, Inc.'s Three Phase Transition to a Process Based Management System
Phase 1: Process Definition, Mapping and Improvement

Process mapping helps us create a highly effective, customer centric, process model for your business. We diagram every business process and develop a fully connected, efficient flow for each organization. These are the steps completed in phase 1:

  • Identify key business goals and success factors
  • Facilitate, identify and document each business process
  • Identify and solve interconnections, gaps and overlaps
  • Identify "Process Owners" & "Super Process Owners"
  • Identify and solve critical process disconnects
  • Establish process improvement goals
  • Identify Procedures required
  • Prepare implementation plan

Phase 2: Process/Procedure Documentation & Implementation

Here we find all the inefficient and ineffective processes and procedures and replace them with clear, easy to remember work methods or checklists. Insight 1 assists your process owners with the development of simple procedures and work instructions so each employee knows what to do in every situation. No more winging it! We offer a variety of process document styles and techniques depending on the application and maturity level of the users. Consistency and high quality will be automatically embedded in each process. The following items are part of phase 2:

  • Decompose major business processes to document lower level operational processes and further identify procedure requirements for the business.
  • Conduct procedure development/writing training for process owners and procedure writers.
  • Develop procedures or work instructions for processes defined above and release those procedures for use by personnel.
  • Review and validate each procedure, work instruction or checklist.
  • Verify "process practice" against process documentation.

Phase 3: Closing the Loop through Operating the System, Evaluating Implementation Effectiveness and Refinement

This effort brings the management system on-line and implements the audit and corrective action systems, without which companies always lapse back into managing "things" rather than managing their "processes."

  • Operate the management system.
  • Accumulate appropriate process/procedure records and measurements.
  • Conduct management system internal audits and associated corrective action.
  • Establish/operate a simple corrective and preventive action system.
  • Identify and implement management system improvements.
  • Conduct employee training on the new processes and procedures.
  • Record process improvement savings.

The Results Can Be Amazing!
  1. Increased net profit before tax
  2. Much improved customer satisfaction
  3. Ability to grow the business with less resources
  4. Reduction in "fire-drills" and end of month chaos
  5. Improved ability to see what is really going on in the company
  6. Improved teamwork and employee morale
  7. Cost savings every month
  8. 5 to 10 times return on the investment