GSA #:   GS-10F-0306V
DUNS #:   034239942
Cage Code:   58SR1
Corporate:   877-496-8811
Sales: 214-533-8571
Commercial Systems Business Area
Insight 1, Inc. is a process centric company. We believe that the degree of operational success within any enterprise is determined or bounded by the effectiveness and efficiency of its core processes and their user/operators.

Therefore, our businTherefore, our business is dedicated to the recognition of the strategic value of these processes in organizational and business endeavors. We couple this recognition with our expertise in applying systems engineering and Lean principles in assisting our clients in raising their collective level of performance by improving their system of core processes.

When you utilize our services, you can expect major improvements in:

        - Operational efficiency
- Product/Service Cycle Time
- Cost Performance
       - Process effectiveness
- Process Management/Control
- Profit

We apply a variety of process definition, documentation and analysis techniques as we lead your management team to higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency in managing their parts of the enterprise.

We will assist you in defining your process value streams utilizing our unique process definition methodology. We then can apply other methods on selected processes as we analyze them and find ways to improve them. One method we deploy is in identifying and building lean based value stream maps for these selected process areas and applying Six Sigma and Lean principals in:

  • Removing the idle time or wait time that plagues activities between processes
  • Identifying and minimizing variability in processes (whether product or service oriented)
  • Better managing capacity and increasing throughput
  • Identifying and eliminating hidden waste in processes
  • Managing bottlenecks, buffers, and slow activities within processes