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Application of Lean Principles
Processes for eliminating waste and focusing on the customer

Our approaOur approach begins with process definition and value stream mapping that illustrate the flow of materials and products thorough the value stream. These maps are critical to understanding how to improve the flow and find the bottlenecks that are causing delays, interruptions and waste. This helps to clarify where pull production can increase throughput and synchronize the entire manufacturing processes.

Lean manufacturing requires producing only what is required for a sale, replacing building to plan. Every part of the production process needs to be triggered by demand only. analyzed, mapped into the tThere are a lot of obvious areas where processes must be analyzed, mapped into the total picture, streamlined, improved and upgraded to best practice. Areas of improvement include lead time reduction, set-up time reduction, extreme schedule flexibility, electronic Kanban, Heijunka smoothing, and visual management systems, to name just a few.

Insight 1's production process development techniques, along with the lean leadership team of the company, combine to involve everyone, foster incredible teamwork and create a situation of peak performance.ctive action and audit systems to ensure that the process improvement becomes part of a living management system.

Without this element, most companies will fall back to their old way of doing "things" rather than managing and improving their business processes for operational performance gains.