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Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a disciplined process that helps you concentrate on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services by identifying, controlling and minimizing variability in your processes. The process involves measuring how far a given process deviates from perfection. If you can measure the number of defects in a process, you can systematically determine how to eliminate them and get as close to zero defects as possible. Six Sigma can also create a team based environment where everyone contributes to business unit or corporate goals. You will develop powerful process based thinking throughout your entire company.

The Core Concepts of Six Sigma

If you determine your business results using averages or mean-based measures, you are not looking at your results the way your customers look at you. They feel the variation in every transaction, whether it’s a late shipment or a quality problem, or a shipping error.

Six Sigma revolves around the following:
  • Attributes most important to your customer
  • Failing to deliver what the customer wants
  • Your process capability
  • The variation the customer sees and feels
  • Process stability and predictability
  • Designing to meet customer needs and process capability

Insight 1 will take your through the steps of:
    Insight 1 will take you through the steps of:
    1. Identifying the processes that you use to create the products and/or the services you provide.i>
    2. Identify changes needed so your products and/or services will completely satisfy your customers.
    3. Removing variation while improving, simplifying and optimizing your processes and workflow.
    4. Developing consistent and predictable customer based processes.
    5. Mistake-proofing all your processes and eliminating process variation.
    6. Ensuring continuous improvement by measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling processes.
    Six Sigma is a direction, an enabler and above all A Management System Tool.

    Insight 1’s Six Sigma Process Mapping System is created starting with the executive team and then together we drill down though the total business to define all processes and their variation parameters. These maps clearly show the flow of work, information and the cause and effect of interrelated processes and procedures. The process road maps act as guides to employees and management and provides a structure that allows you to systematically incorporate improvement and flexibility. Everything is tied to your customers requirements and your long term business goals.

    Six Sigma is a powerful tool to gain competitive advantage. Insight 1 has 12 years experience in Six Sigma as well as Lean Manufacturing. Our Six Sigma Black Belt staff can help you improve:
    “Customer Satisfaction, Revenue and Profit”