GSA #:   GS-10F-0306V
DUNS #:   034239942
Cage Code:   58SR1
Corporate:   877-496-8811
Sales: 214-533-8571
Capability Statement

Insight 1, Inc. is a small business providing professional consulting services to government and commercial enterprises. Insight 1, Inc. specializes in facilitating its clients in making significant improvements in performance of its operations. This is accomplished through:

Development of Process Based Management Systems
Improvements in Management and Operational Processes
Development and Implementation of Process and Business Performance Measurement Systems
Development and Implementation Support for ISO 9001 Management Systems
Baldrige National Quality Program Consultations
Environmental Health and Safety Management Systems Development compliant with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Insight 1, Inc. is made up of process management experts that use facilitation and education and project management techniques and methods for leading its clients to achieving new levels of performance and productivity. Insight 1, Inc. accomplishes this through its transformation program using its unique process definition and documentation methodology. This defines the client's complete enterprise in terms of its current process content and performance. We then proceed in leading the client to transform their process system and relationships for significant improvement of their operations. We apply Lean principles and "best practices" in optimizing and transforming the client's management system to address performance issues. These are identified in a collaborative and facilitated series of sessions with the client's top management team.

As engineers, business and program managers, we identify and lead improvement projects for our clients. We do not mindlessly drag clients through a "canned" process; but assist in selecting those areas for improvement and transformation where best value is returned to the client for their efforts maximizing their ROI. These often require the benefit of our expertise in technical and complex operational functions as systems engineering projects.

We have found that clients often are deficient in supporting tools and systems beneficial to running an enterprise through solid process ownership and management. Therefore, we provide specialized training and software application tools (information/document management/performance measurement) as part of our services that make the client's continuing experience easy and focused on continued improvement and results.

We have worked with hundreds of organizations in virtually every industry. Our clients range in size from very small (<$1M) to Fortune 500 (Multi $B).